Can gold be blue?

Blue gold is “real”, since it contains real gold. The amount of pure gold depends on the amount of carats that the piece has. The overall amount of pure gold in blue gold is around 46%, which is equivalent to about 11 carats. The remaining percentage is made up of indium or gallium and other intermetallic compounds.

Blue gold is an alloy of gold with indium AuIn2, which contains 46% 11-karat gold and 54%. The blue intermetallic compound is very fragile. Another type of exotic gold color, blue gold, is often the result of an alloy of gold and gallium or indium. Blue gold can also be created through an alloy of gold, iron and nickel which is then heat treated to oxidize the iron to obtain a surface blue color.

When indium or gallium is added to gold, a blue color may turn out. The cause of the color in these intermetallics is different from that of yellow gold. Believe it or not, when you suspend gold in water, it can turn a blue-lilac color. You just need the right amount of salt.

See samples of this blue-gold liquid and learn how a famous and warm material can cool down.