Is now a good time to invest in silver?

Global demand for silver is rising and is expected to hit a record high this year, offering investors the opportunity to buy the metal at prices that have seen little change over the past six months. When you take a look at the recent trend of silver in the market, you will notice that it is recovering from its recent lows in recent years. That said, the time is right to invest in silver. From here, the uptrend seems more feasible and there is a very limited disadvantage of this metal considering recent market trends.

For this reason, you can consider silver as an investment option. Checking the price of silver today is a step in the right direction. Silver is not a real investment, since it does not generate a product or service. Silver has value in itself, as a precious and industrial metal.

It produces nothing, generates cash flow or provides stable income. While the price of silver is usually stable in March, the best month to buy is June, followed by October. The wisdom of buying in June is supported by the previous daily chart. Historically, silver has not performed as well as gold during recessions and market downturns.

As mentioned above, this is due to its high industrial use if economies weaken. Demand for this portion of silver is usually decreasing.